Handball Technification VT8


I’m very happy to announce that we’re organizing the Handball technification VT8
again! Every year the family VT8 is growing more and more and we will be very
proud to have you in it.

Last year was the most international edition ever, having players from Spain,
Norway, Holland, Germany and France and we are willing to expand the family
with more players from around the world.

This year we will have a very talented and capable STAFF who will teach our
players the way handball is seen and played in Spain and how we understand this
wonderful sport.

Last edition a lot of families requested to participate in the Technification VT8 but
it was impossible to have more players due to the Hotel we were staying. This year,
in order to provide a much better experience to our athletes, we will change the

Hotel, which means a huge step forward regarding the food quality and better
accommodation for our players and STAFF.

I have a full commitment and implication to this project, I will stay 24h a day next
to our players trying to teach them everything I know and everything that handball
has taught me both on and off the playing court.

I’m looking forward to see all of you this year and I can assure you that your kids
will have an unforgettable experience.

See you in summer.

Víctor Tomàs.


T. 609 257 095 | www.victortomas.com
E-mail: tecnificacionvt8@mastersports.es